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Partners in the UK

Sue Jonas Dupuis - Associated partner

Sue Jonas DupuisSue Jonas Dupuis has been working in personal development for many years. She is an Aura Mediator™ and is the Aura Mediator Instructor™ in France, Great Britain and Switzerland.

She has also translated, adapted and proofread several of Anni Sennov's books.

Following a life threatening diagnosis and an NDE, preceded by a series of extremely violent shocks, she understood that she had to made radical changes in order to re-establish balance in her life in order to stay alive. She began working with her clairvoyant and energy skills and has never looked back. She travels extensively to share her message that balance needs to be a way of life. She is also a clairvoyant energy expert, teacher/trainer, writing and teaching her own courses and is also an international lecturer. You can learn more about her on her personal website - Be Your Truth.

Sue Jonas Dupuis
Mobile: +33 (0)6 26 01 47 74

Sue Jonas Dupuis offers the following workshops and lectures in the UK:
Body Elements Activation Workshop
Inspirational lecture


Carsten Sennov - Managing partner & Co-founder

Carsten SennovBorn in 1962, is the managing partner of SennovPartners where he works as a consultant, coach and advisor for smaller and larger companies.

As CEO and co-owner of Good Adventures Publishing, Carsten Sennov is responsible for publishing and selling the company's books in Scandinavia and internationally.
In addition, he is responsible for SennovPartners' franchise-based training business internationally.

Carsten Sennov was Deputy CEO at Capgemini Denmark, where he was employed from 1999 to 2003. During the period 1991-1998, he worked for Gartner; the last four years being based in Sydney, Australia, where he was Operations Director at Gartner Measurement Asia Pacific.
He started his career in sales at IBM in 1987.

Carsten Sennov
Vibevej 18
2670 Greve
Mobile: +45 4040 8558

Carsten Sennov offers the following workshops and lectures in the UK:
2-Day Elements Workshop
Inspirational lecture